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Code Reuse

360Code Reuse reduces the footprint of code that must be actively managed by an organization. In addition to improving consistency, software quality and business agility, code reuse can substantially reduce code maintenance costs and minimize compliance, security and deployment risks.

For many organizations, code reuse is an elusive goal because of limited access and poor visibility into the information that helps users determine code quality and appropriateness. Krugle breaks down access barriers and aggregates the information from the development process so that valuable code and development insights can be easily discovered and shared.

Krugle guides Developers, Test Engineers, DevOps staff and Support teams to the best reusable code from all corners of your organization.

Traditional Problems with Code Reuse

There are several situations where code reuse becomes an important opportunity for a software development organization. In some cases a company will maintain separate, larger code bases that perform substantially the same set of features;typically these code bases are managed by separate teams and evolve independently but in similar directions. More commonly, organizations have redundant code components or code snippets that perform very specific tasks (secure data access, string manipulation, form handling, access control, etc.). In both cases duplicate code is created - without an effective synchronization method. As a result, the organization incurs unnecessary technical debt - with associated costs and risks.

Krugle Enterprise Streamlines Code Reuse

Krugle provides instant, comprehensive, and open access to the information your Development, Testing and DevOps teams need to achieve effective code reuse.

Krugle is a proven enterprise search engine that creates an up-to-date, searchable and browsable archive of all the code and development artifacts that have been created in your organization. Through a simple, easy to learn browser interface, users can instantly access the information they need to pinpoint relevant code, including test results, code reviews and support records. With Krugle, users can:

  • Locate clean, well maintained code that is both relevant and suitable for reuse
  • Rapidly access high value troubleshooting approaches and insights
  • Discover code duplication and similarity patterns that signal important reuse opportunities
  • Pinpoint patterns of good/bad software practices
  • Discover high-payback refactoring and consolidation opportunities

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