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Unified Software Development Metrics

360Keeping an accurate, consolidated view of an organization's source code, scripts and relevant development artifacts has become increasingly important for effective software management. With a single point of access to relevant code and resources, managers can quickly and accurately establish code productivity trends, determine licensing footprints, forecast code maintenance requirements, identify development expertise and assess software tooling budget estimates.

Krugle uses a proprietary indexing and search technology that continuously maintains an accurate, 100% federated view of all digital assets in the software development environment. It is the only enterprise search technology that combines the latest enterprise search capabilities with the ability to harvest and analyze information from common Version Control, ALM and Source Code Management Systems.

Unified Software Metrics: Problems and Pitfalls

Most development organizations have a multitude of siloed development environments - that seam to be constantly changing. As a result aggregated metrics (over all projects and over time) for software development organizations must be compiled manually - on a system by system basis. The accuracy of this approach requires a complete knowledge of data on these systems as well as a carefully crafted, normalized approach to analyzing the contents of each development system. In organizations with 10 or more project teams, 2+years of code history, and geographically distributed teams this process can take weeks and sometimes months to complete.

This process is not simple or robust, as even small changes in analysis requirements or techniques can necessitate that the entire analysis be re-executed.

Krugle Enterprise Unified Software Analysis and Metrics

Krugle is the only enterprise application that federates and normalizes all relevant development information into a single "store" of information that can be analyzed in a number of different ways.

Data collected by Krugle - including code files, projects, code file contents, scripts, issue/bug system records, and test cases - can be queried and/or trended. Because all data is indexed, results are instantaneous. In addition, Krugle maintains a granular tally of code production, including lines of code (LOC) counts and distribution by programming language type. With Krugle, users can:

  • Count all instances across your organization of code components, API calls and framework references
  • Track utilization levels and trends for licensed software, key components, code components or scripts
  • Trend volume changes of code over time, by programming language type
  • Pinpoint high-value software development talent (by programming language and ALM activity)

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