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Krugal Basic K5, a free version of Krugle Enterprise, breaks down the information silos created by these development systems - and continuously organizes all of the information that makes the development organization dramatically more productive.

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Why Krugle Basic V5?

Krugle Basic v5 is a FREE version of Krugle Enterprise which has been streamlined for pilot deployments and trial evaluations. Krugle Enterprise v5 breaks down the information silos created with development systems - and continuously organizes all of the information that makes development organization more productive.

How Krugle Basic V5 Works

Krugle Basic v5 is a virtual instance of Krugle Enterprise which can be installed on any computer that runs the VMWare or Hyper-V player. After installation on your hardware, Krugle Basic v5 is configured to collect information in your SCM systems and build a searchable index of this information. Once this process is complete, users can access Krugle Basic v5 results from any browser with network access to the computer running Krugle Basic v5.

How Krugle Basic v5 Differs from Krugle Enterprise v5

Krugle Basic v5 has features which make it useful for development groups conducting pilot implementations of Krugle with commonly used source code management systems. Krugle Basic v5 server side software components are preconfigured in a VMWare or Hyper-V instance that is easy to install and configure. Krugle Enterprise v5 includes capabilities that address enterprise wide deployments and provide integration with a broad range of development information and source code management systems.

Available Storage

  • Krugle Basic v5 can store up to 1 GB of code and related information. This can be upgraded for a fee.
  • Krugle Enterprise v5 can store 500+GB


  • Krugle Enterprise v5 is deployed on a performance and scale optimized rack mount server which can support thousands of users.
  • Krugle Basic v5 is installed as a VMware or Hyper-V instance which will provide adequate performance for groups of up to 10 users

SCMI Connectors

  • Both Krugle Enterprise and Krugle Basic can support multiple integrations.
  • Krugle Basic v5 can access files from SVN, CVS, Perforce and Microsoft Team Foundation out of the box.
  • Krugle Basic v5 also supports additional SCM systems, including Clearcase, Starteam, Mercurial, PVCS, File Systems, and custom systems.
  • Krugle Basic v5 intergrates with other development systems such as TFS Work Items, JIRA, etc.


  • Krugle Basic v5 uses a Krugle moderated community support forum.
  • Krugle Enterprise v5 users also have access to online and phone support.

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