SCMI Guide

Krugle Enterprise Operation Overview

Krugle Enterprise software runs on a secure appliance inside of your organization’s firewall. Krugle Enterprise maintains a comprehensive index of your organization’s source code, code metadata and related documentation. To keep this information current, Krugle Enterprise periodically “crawls” repositories to collect the most current files and data.

During the “crawl” processes for a specified project, Krugle Enterprise must access:

  • All files that have been created or modified since the last indexing process.
  • The list of files for the specified project that have been deleted since the last indexing process History comments (i.e. checkin comments).

There are two mechanisms that Krugle Enterprise uses to get access to code, code metadata and other content:

  • Direct SCM support - for directly supported SCMs, the connection between Krugle Enterprise and each SCM is configured and managed completely within the Krugle Enterprise appliance. See the Krugle Enterprise Administration Guide for more information about using direct SCM support.
  • SCMI integration - SCMI application software runs outside of the Krugle Enterprise appliance - on your organization’s own hardware. If you have special access or management requirements for your SCM or data source, or if you want to integrate with a data source or SCM not directly supported by Krugle Enterprise, SCMI integration will meet your needs.

This document describes SCMI software integration mechanism.

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