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Krugle Enterprise v5, breaks down the information silos created with development systems - and continuously organizes all of the information that makes development organization more productive.

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Why Krugle Enterprise V5?

Development organizations rely on an ever changing collection of tools to automate tasks including requirements management, defect tracking, code review, build deployment and code change management. These systems produce, manage and store vital information - but in a form that is frustratingly impractical for most sharing, searching and analysis that development teams need.

K5 Enterprise breaks down the information silos created by these development systems - and continuously organizes all of the information that makes the development organization dramatically more productive.

How Krugle Enterprise V5 Works

Krugle Enterprise V5 works with existing development systems to automatically create a comprehensive, searchable development information portal. Krugle uses modern crawl and search technology to collect specifications, project plans, defect tracking records, build records and source code - and organizes this information using the rich metadata captured by these systems.

krugle Enterprise

For development team members and managers, Krugle Enterprise provides immediate access to the “right” examples, problem solving techniques, activity analysis and source code.

  • Developers can discover important code examples, share problem solving insights and troubleshoot complex problems.
  • Quality, Build and Support Engineers use K5 Enterprise to leverage existing fixes, document issues, verify project details and track down critical resources.
  • Managers can monitor and manage progress, verify best practices, and facilitate new levels of collaboration – even with distributed or outsourced teams.

The Next Level of Software Development Productivity

No other product helps development organizations share knowledge, best practices, problem solving insight and code like Krugle Enterprise.

Krugle Enterprise V5 keeps the entire development team on the same page, accelerates learning, minimizes duplicated effort and makes developers proficient with code they didn’t write.

Unlike other development tools, Krugle Enterprise V5 doesn’t require modification to existing systems or a lengthy, costly deployment. Krugle Enterprise V5 can be deployed and used the same day and requires no end user training.

Through intelligent organization of development information, Krugle Enterprise V5 is the fastest, easiest way to boost the productivity of the entire development organization.

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