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Leverage Technical Expertise and Problem Solving

Automatically put all of your organization's most valuable insights, problem solving approaches, fixes and software expertise at the fingertips of every Development, Test, DevOps and Support engineer.

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Agile Expertise

360Today's rapidly changing software-driven organizations demand continual evolution and rapid dissemination of technical expertise and best practices.

With the unmatched ability to automatically unify and publish relevant ideas, problem solving techniques, code, scripts and supporting artifacts from software development and deployment activities, Krugle helps technical teams pinpont and rapidly address top opportunities in your business value chain. Krugle guides Software Developers, Test Engineers, DevOps staff and Support teams to the best insights and problem solving approaches from all corners of your organization.

Knowledge Silos: the Billion $ Problem

Traditional software initiatives have been organized by function. Each team develops its own expertise and knowledge set using tools and techniques that may be different from other teams. Best practices, insights and expertise are siloed into isolated development systems. Other teams cannot benefit from the lessons learned, troubleshooting approaches and resulting "best practices" that have been captured by these systems. Projects become extremely dependent on and vulnerable to the loss of specific individuals. Ultimately, there is an uneven quality and brittle state to the collective software efforts of an organization.

The fundamental problem is poor information access. The information exists in a usable form, but other teams simply don't have easy access to improtant development insights and information. Even though you've already paid to fix a bug, sidestep a nasty programming pitfall, achieve compliance or remedy a pesky deployment issue, it is likely that similar issues will be handled separately and independently.

Krugle Enterprise Solutions

Krugle provides instant, comprehensive access to the information your teams need to identify and remedy software based issues that are known and critical to your business. If the "answer" or vital insights to a situation exist in your organization, Krugle will help anyone in your organization find the relevant information - instantly and securely.

Krugle is a proven enterprise search platform that creates an up-to-date, searchable and browsable archive of all the code and development artifacts that have been created in your organization. Through a simple, easy to learn browser interface, users can instantly access the information they need to perform their work so as to minimize and reduce technical debt. With Krugle, users can:

  • Find solutions to particular issues solved by searching on error messages, code patterns and descriptions
  • Rapidly access high value troubleshooting approaches and insights
  • Learn "someone else's code" quickly and completely
  • Discover code duplication and code simularity
  • Pinpoint patterns of good/bad software practices
  • Discover high-payback refactoring and consolidation opportunities

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