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Krugle Enterprise v5, breaks down the information silos created with development systems - and continuously organizes all of the information that makes development organization more productive.

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Krugle Professional Services

If you have homegrown development systems or tools that you want integrated with Krugle Enterprise, our development staff can help. Whether the work involves developing integration scripts, customizing a Krugle Enterprise API, or integrating a custom single sign on and access control system for Krugle Enterprise – our professional services team can make sure that every need is met to your satisfaction.


Many customers will be able to install and configure Krugle Enterprise "out of the box" without special assistance, in a single day. For those that seek assistance in the standard installation - or want to expand the capabilities through customized SCM integration or client access capabilities - we can help. Krugle professional service capabilities include:

  • Installation and configuration of Krugle Enterprise.
  • Development of custom SCM connectors.
  • Development of custom database or analysis system connectors.
  • Development and deployment of custom code analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • Integration of client side analysis and search capabilities.

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