SCMI Guide

SCMI installation and configuration process

The SCMI installation and configuration process is as follows:

  1. Provision the SCMI host with: ( i ) a supported operating system of your choice, (ii) the scripting tools (i.e. Python, .net) that will run the SCMI script and (iii) any SCM client software that will be required to access information from the target SCM.
  2. Transfer the SCMI script onto the SCMI host. The SCMI scripts are located at http://www.krugle.com/_downloads/SCMI/
  3. Modify the SCMI script to call the target data source / SCM system. Write down the location of the script for use in steps d & e.
  4. Test the SCMI application (see step d in the following example).
    1. First, verify that the SCMI script can be invoked on the SCMI host.
    2. Next verify that the SCMI script can be invoked over a network, using any required credentials.
  5. In the Krugle Enterprise Administration Console: create a Project that uses this SCMI application as an SCM repository (See the Krugle Administration Guide Chapter to learn about specifying a project). NOTE: if the SCMI host (the computer that will run the SCMI script) requires credentialed access, a username/password pair that will provide access required to run the SCMI script will need to be specified in the Krugle Enterprise definition of the SCM repository.
  6. Check the Project Summary page in the Krugle Enterprise Administration Console to verify that the Project from step e has crawled correctly, and execute a Krugle client search in the “Code” channel that should produce a result file from the SCMI accessed data.

SCMI Deployment and Configuration Requirements

  • A machine designated as the “SCMI Host” (NOTE: It is not required that it is dedicated to Krugle). Specification for SCMI Host:
    • OS – Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX.
    • RAM – 2G, with dual core processor.
    • Disk space – Minimum 30% greater than size of total code base to be crawled, if caching required (caching is not required for Clearcase dynamic views and Synergy).
    • Python v2.3 or greater installation on SCMI Host (assuming SCMI scripts are used as is).
  • Network Bandwidth – SCMI Host connected via minimum 100 MB ethernet to Krugle appliance and SCM server.
  • Access via ssh or http(s) from Krugle appliance to SCMI Host.
  • SCM client installation on SCMI Host, if applicable (required for Clearcase).
  • Username/password required by SCM client to access SCM server and corresponding SCM user license, if applicable.

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