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How to Create a Krugle Data Set from an SCMI connector

SCMI connectors are available from Krugle for filesystem, JIRA, Microsoft TFS Work Items, Mercurial and others. To define a Data Set that uses one of these SCMISs, make sure that the appropriate SCMI connector has been installed and configured on your computer or a host system in your network - see the Krugle Enterprise SCMI Integration Guide for complete information.

Once the SCMI connector is installed and available on your network, create a Krugle Data Repository. From the Data Repository Details page:

First, create a Krugle Data Repository. From the Data Repository Details page:

  1. Enter a Name that you want Krugle to use when refering to your Data Repository.
  2. Enter credentials (Login and Password) that needed to run the SCMI connector on the host system.
  3. Enter the location of the SCMI service on the host system in the "Path".
  4. Enter the network connection type and port for your Repository - if different from the default settings shown.
  5. Click Save. Krugle will verify access to your system, save this Data Repository and return you to the Add/Edit Project page.

Next, specify a Data Set Location from the Add/Edit Project page:

  1. Select the name of Data Repository you just created from the "Data Repository" dropdown list.
  2. Then, enter the location of the SCMI connector in the field labeled "Location". Enter "Parameter" and "Alias" as required by the SCMI connector you are using. Refer to the Krugle Enterprise SCMI Integration Guide for more information.
  3. Click "Add Data Set". This will add your Data Set to the current project.

When the Project specification contains all Data Sets that you require, click the "Finish" button.

Note 1

If the Data Repository you need has already been created in Krugle, you can skip steps for Data Repository creation and simply specify the Data Set location.

Note 2

If you would like your Krugle Project to contain multiple Data Sets (from the same or different Data Repositories), repeat the appropriate parts of this process.

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