Krugle Enterprise Quickstart

Chapter 2 - Status/Reports

The Status / Reports section of the Krugle Enterprise Administration Console lets you review the operating status of the Krugle Enterprise system's hardware and software. Additionally, this section gives you access to all log files of user activity. These capabilities are detailed below.


This section displays the version number of the Krugle Enterprise software that is currently running on your system. Snapshot The Snapshot section summarizes the last index process completed by Krugle Enterprise. This information includes the timestamp for the last completed index (UTC time) and any warnings or diagnostic messages from the update. Click the "snapshot-activity.log" link to view all information that was logged during the processing of the latest snapshot.


The Projects section summarizes the current status of Projects managed by Krugle Enterprise. Project Status shows both the number of Projects in the index and whether there are any issues with them. In the event of problems with any Projects, a link to a detailed description of the problems is provided. This section also shows the volume of Project code managed by Krugle Enterprise and an approximate measure of the amount of Project space remaining on the appliance. Krugle Basic Note: By default Krugle Basic is limited to a total of 1GB of managed code. To upgrade the capacity of Krugle Basic, please contact support@aragoncg.com.


The Processes section summarizes the current status of the software components required for Krugle Enterprise operation. Green indicates a fully operational component. Red indicates a possible issue - and will also display an error diagnostic. If a component displays a Red status state, email Krugle support at enterprise-support@krugle.com for assistance.

To review the software process status of Krugle Enterprise:

  • Sign in to the Krugle Administration Console.
  • Click Status in the left navigation area.


With Reports, Krugle Enterprise administrators can generate a .csv formatted summary of system/user activity over a specified time period. There are two steps: report generation and report downloading. Use the Generate Reports area to create a tabular report for a specified date range. Reports are available for:

  • All activities: A comprehensive report of all Krugle Enterprise Activities
  • Raw log files: A complete listing of all system logging messages.
  • User Activities: A listing of user activities including queries, page views, downloads, note creation, etc.
  • Queries: A summary of user searches. Select Report Type from the drop down list in Generate Reports.

To generate a log file report:

  • Sign in to the Krugle Administration Console.
  • Click the Status / Reports tab.
  • Click Reports in the left navigation area.
  • Enter "Date from" and "Date to" that define the period of interest.
  • Select the Report Type from the drop down list.
  • Click the "Generate" button.

The report file will be created and appended to the list of reports in the Download Reports section.To access and download any of the files in Download Reports area:

  • Sign in to the Krugle Administration Console.
  • Click the Status / Reports tab.
  • Click Reports on the left navigation area.
  • Navigate through the directory tree and click on the folder of interest.
  • Click on the file of interest in the Download Reports area.
  • Save the file to your computer.
  • Open the file with your favorite text file or .csv viewing or editing application.

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