Krugle Enterprise Quickstart

How to Create a Krugle Data Set - for Microsoft Team Foundation Server Code

First, create a Krugle Data Repository that references your source code in Team Foundation Server (TFS):

  1. Select the version of TFS that you are using (2010 or 2005/2008). This will set path and port parameters to default values for your instances of TFS.
  2. Enter a Data Repository Name - choose a name that will be a descriptive reference in Krugle to your TFS instance.
  3. Enter TFS Login and Password credentials that will provide access to the information that you want Krugle to search in TFS.
  4. Enter the path to the TFS collection that you want Krugle to crawl. The path must include the team foundation server name and the team project collection name.
  5. Enter the network connection type and port (if different than the TFS defaults).
  6. Click the Save button. Krugle will verify access to TFS - using the settings that you entered in Step 3. When access is confirmed, Krugle will save the Data Repository and return you to the Add/Edit Project page (step 1 above). This completes the definition of the Krugle Data Repository.

Next, specify a Data Set Location

  1. In the Add/Edit page, select the Data Repository you just created from the "Data Repository" dropdown list.
  2. Then, enter the name of a TFS Workspace that you want Krugle to search.
  3. Click the "Add Data Set" button. This will add the Data Set to the current project - as indicated by a list entry in the upper "Data Sets" section of the Add/Edit project page. This completes the definition of the Data Set.

When the Project specification contains all the Data Sets of your chosing, click the "Finish" button. The new Project is saved in the Project Summary area and the data in the project will be automatically crawled and indexed by Krugle. This completes Project entry.

To add data sets from different TFS instances and/or multiple Workspaces from the same TFS instance in a single Project, repeat the Data Set Location specification above.

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