Krugle Enterprise Quickstart

How to Create a Krugle Data Set for TFS Work Items

From the Add/Edit Project page:

  1. Select "TFS WorkItem - Krugle Basic() - SCMI" from the "Data Repository" dropdown list.
  2. Then, enter the location of yourTFS system in the field labeled "Location" This location needs to be a fully qualified path to the project collection that you want to crawl (example for TFS 2010 : https://tfs-02.hosted-tfs.com:8443/tfs/02 ).
  3. Enter a string in the "Parameter" field that contains the TFS domain, project and credentials needed to access the collection specified above, in following format: username=bobsmith&domain=TFS-02&password=passxyz&project=myTFSprojName . Refer to the read me file included with the TFS Work Item SCMI archive for complete details.
  4. Leave the "Alias" field blank.
  5. Click "Add Data Set". This will add your Data Set to the current project.

When the Project specification contains all Data Sets that you require, click the "Finish" button.

These instructions are for KrugleBasic VMware and Hyper-V instances 4.3.7 and above. These builds of Krugle basic use a "preloaded" version of the TFS Work Item SCMI on the virtual machine. Other versions of Krugle will require that you download and install the TFS Work Item SCMI on your system.

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